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Transmission Training Bench Engine Stand

Jun 20, 2022

Hi friends, welcome to the demo video of our engine rotating gantry, which has four main features: Original Car Disassembly, Flexible Rotation,  Thoughtful Design, Quality Assurance.

one, It adopts Volkswagen EA two one one, one point four TSI in-cylinder direct injection electronically controlled gasoline engine assembly, which is assembled on a special engine disassembly and assembly turning frame.

two, The deceleration rotating mechanism can rotate the engine at any angle, and can be locked at any position, which is convenient for students to disassemble and assemble from different angles.

three, A large oil pan is placed at the bottom, which is convenient for centralized storage of small parts or screws.

four, The disassembly and assembly flip frame is welded with high-strength steel structure, the surface is treated by spraying process, and the bottom is equipped with a self-locking caster device, which can be moved and is convenient for teaching.

At last, because the video time is limited, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more, thank you!