Automobile maintenance teaching equipment: the cause of engine oil leakage?


Regarding the automobile maintenance training equipment, will you encounter the phenomenon of automobile engine oil leakage, and what are the reasons? The editor will introduce to you below!

The hazards of engine oil leakage in automobile maintenance teaching equipment are loss of engine oil, resulting in waste, and severely may lead to insufficient engine oil and result in engine damage.

Engine oil leakage automobile teaching and maintenance equipment belongs to the series of automobile teaching equipment. Among them, the engine in the automobile teaching equipment may have oil leakage. The reasons for the engine oil leakage are

  1. The oil return thread on the rear end of the crankshaft is blocked by dirt and leaks oil, the oil return thread is improperly processed or the coaxiality of the threaded journal and the oil seal seat hole is out of tolerance, etc.

   2. The oil level is improper or the oil dipstick reading is incorrect. When the vehicle is parked on a level ground, wait long enough for the oil to return, and check whether the oil level is correct;

  3. The oil pan gasket is damaged or the screw is loosened to leak oil;

  4. The rear cover of the cam bearing is not leaking tightly;

5. The timing gear cover gasket is improperly assembled, damaged or the screws are loose and leaking;

6. The rocker chamber cover or the grille chamber cover is not leaking tightly;

7. The engine support plate is deformed or the gasket is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

8. The oil drain screw leaks, the oil leaks out, if necessary, tighten the bolt and (or) replace the gasket and oil seal, and the oil drain bolt of the engine floor (oil pan) leaks. For this kind of failure, replace the oil pan bolts according to the situation. If the thread on the oil pan is damaged, replace the oil pan directly. The sealing performance of the engine floor gasket (commonly known as the oil bottom gasket) fails to cause leakage of lubricating oil. This kind of failure needs to replace the gasket.

   9. The oil radiator is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

  10. The front oil seal of the crankshaft is damaged and leaks;

  11. The oil filter is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

  12. The valve cover gasket is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

   13. The bearing hole of the distributor housing is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

  14. The rear oil seal of the crankshaft is damaged and leaks oil;

   15. The oil pump gasket is damaged or the screw is loosened to leak oil;

   16. Crankcase ventilation system is blocked or parts are faulty, such as turbocharger fault, etc.;

  17. The gasket of the oil sump drain plug is damaged, leaked or loosened or leaked;

The above is the car maintenance teaching equipment explained: Secondly, the editor also introduced the cause of the engine oil leakage in the equipment, etc. The content of the explanation may be relatively simple. Friends who want more details can call us on WeChat. You are also welcome to order Customized by your friends, welcome to dealers and colleges to visit!

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