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New Energy Vehicle Teaching Equipment Test Bench

Nov 12, 2021

New energy vehicle teaching equipment test bench by the practical training platform, new energy vehicle battery pack, three new energy vehicles commonly used motors (DC permanent magnet, AC asynchronous, switch magnetic resistance), three new energy vehicles supporting motor controller, accelerator pedal, gearer, numerical voltage meter, sllmeter, torque meter, power meter, desktop computer (external support) and other modules.


1, the equipment can simulate electric vehicles at a constant speed, new energy vehicle training room construction accelerated, deceleration, uphill, downhill conditions under the state of the motor, operation and real electric vehicle saline.

2, the training table can display the dynamic parameters in the rotation of the motor, such as voltage, current, torque, speed, power and so on.

3, the motor test upper machine software can show a period of time motor torque, speed, power change curve, can intuitively display these parameters in the motor acceleration, deceleration process changes.

4, the equipment installed fault assessment device, the line can be set up, training students to correct the ability of line failure, while the teacher can use the equipment for the ability of students to assess.

5, supporting car multimedia teaching software (16 in 1) (bidding needs to be presented on-site for ten minutes, not the presenter disqualification bid), adapt to all teaching materials, rich content and can be freely retrieved. The rational use of multimedia teaching system can greatly reduce the workload of teachers' lectures. The contents of the teaching equipment of new energy vehicles are: 1, automobile engine construction and maintenance; 2, automobile chassis construction and maintenance; 3, automobile electrical construction and maintenance; 4, electric engine principle and maintenance; 5, automatic transmission principle construction and maintenance; 6, automotive air conditioning construction principle and maintenance; 7, Automotive safety comfort system principle construction and repair; 8, car maintenance and maintenance; 9, car body construction and repair; 10, automobile detection and troubleshooting technology; 11, automotive mechanical foundation; 12, automotive beauty and decoration; 13, automotive electrical foundation; 14, automotive culture; 15, automotive professional English; 16, Automotive teaching resource pack.