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The Qingming Festival

Nov 12, 2021

The QingMing Festival, derived from the ancestral beliefs and spring festival rituals of ancient times, is both a natural solar term and a traditional festival.


The Qingming Festival in 2020 is April 4th. The Holiday period of our company is April 4-6, which is a total of 3 days.


On April 3, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice on national mourning activities for sacrificing martyrs and deceased compatriots for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and decided on ancient national mourning activities on April 4, 2020.


The Municipal Meteorological Observatory reminded that during the Qingming Festival, citizens must pay attention to preventing the impact of rain, thunderstorms, and coastal winds on travel. During this period, they must also focus on preventing short-term heavy precipitation and pay attention to the impact of low visibility weather on water and land transportation during rain.


Recently, announcements have been issued in many places across the country to carry out civilized grave sweeping and green sacrifice propaganda. In terms of personal protection, do not remove masks or gather together.


Once again, I recommend that you avoid going out as much as possible during holidays, avoid public entertainment activities, wash your hands frequently, and ventilate. You must protect yourself when you go out! In addition, the spring temperature varies, and the Ching Ming Festival is cooler. Everyone should pay attention to changing clothes to prevent respiratory diseases.