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More Than 800 People Returned To Beijing On The First Day Of Hubei's Release

Nov 12, 2021

    Upon the approval of the central, April 8,  remove from han, from wuhan hubei access control, according to the response to the outbreak of the CPC Central Committee and state council zone spreading mechanism of the overall deployment, the docking with the hubei province early in Beijing, Beijing stranded in hubei Beijing staff plan formulation, founded the Beijing west railway station zone spreading in front of the headquarters, a safe and orderly organization stranded in hubei by Beijing friends back to Beijing.

    Detained in hubei after returning to Beijing to home isolation for 14 days.Return Beijing personnel after coming back to the home isolation for 14 days, comply with the home isolation period should comply with the standards.For example, the person that the home isolates wants to carry out the isolation of single room in principle;Wearing masks in public areas;During the home isolation period 14 days are not allowed to go out.If someone goes out and causes the spread of the epidemic, they shall be held accountable according to law.After coming back, do not have the home to isolate the condition, can be isolated to the central point for centralized isolation.If there are confirmed cases, suspected cases, close contacts or people with fever among those staying in hubei, they cannot return to Beijing for the time being.