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Charging Pile Construction: Industrial Chain Benefits To Boost The Consumption Of New Energy Vehicles

Nov 12, 2021

    Recently, the charging pile industry again good. Enterprises represented by the state grid have announced to step up the construction of charging piles, and at the same time, local governments have introduced substantive policies to support the construction of charging infrastructure.The implementation of a series of measures is expected to lead to the early implementation of "reasonably advanced, car-pile following, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system".

    Industry insiders said that charging piles, as an important part of "new infrastructure", will bring more substantial benefits to the charging piles industry in the special period affected by covid-19 epidemic, as well as the implementation of the policy and acceleration of the construction pace, and promote the upstream and downstream industrial chain to return to the fast track of development.At the same time, the further improvement of the layout of charging piles will also improve the consumer confidence of new energy vehicles, promote the new energy vehicle industry out of the short-term bottom difficulties.