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Engine Anti-theft System Teaching Board

Nov 12, 2021

1. Function introduction

The engine anti-theft system teaching board is based on the real object of the automobile engine anti-theft system, which fully demonstrates the composition structure and working process of the engine anti-theft system.

It is suitable for the teaching needs of the school on the theory and maintenance of engine anti-theft system.

This equipment meets the teaching needs of "five connections and ten connections" of automotive vocational education.

2. Features

1. A real and operational anti-theft system for automobile engines, which fully demonstrates the structure of the anti-theft system for automobile engines.

2. You can use legal keys and illegal keys to start the equipment, crank the crankshaft and the signal wheel, the legal keys can make the engine electronic control system produce fuel injection, spark plug ignition, fuel pump operation, etc., illegal keys will lock the engine electronic control The system truly demonstrates the working process of the engine anti-theft system.

3. The teaching board panel adopts fireproof and moisture-proof high-grade aluminum-plastic panels, and the surface is treated with a special process spray primer; the panel is printed with a color circuit diagram and working principle diagram that will never fade; students can intuitively compare the circuit diagram and the actual object, understand and analyze The working principle of car engine anti-theft system.

4. Detection terminals are installed on the teaching board panel, which can directly detect the electrical signals of the circuit components of the automobile engine anti-theft system, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals, etc.

5. A diagnostic socket is installed on the panel of the teaching board, which can be connected to a dedicated or general-purpose car decoder to perform ECU code query, read fault code, clear fault code, read data stream, and execute on engine control unit and anti-theft control unit Self-diagnosis functions such as component testing, parameter setting, waveform analysis, and key matching.

6. The panel part of the teaching board adopts a 1.5mm cold plate stamping structure, which has a beautiful appearance; the bottom frame is welded with a steel structure, and the surface is treated with a spraying process. It has a self-locking caster device. The base of the teaching board is equipped with a 40cm desktop , It is convenient to place documents, light-weight testing instruments, etc.

7. The teaching board uses an ordinary 220V AC power supply, which is converted into a 12V DC power supply by the internal circuit transformer and rectifier, without a battery, reducing the trouble of charging, and the 12V DC power supply has a short-circuit prevention function.

Three, technical specifications

Dimensions (approximately): 1240×600×1700mm (length×width×height)

External power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Working voltage: DC 12V

Working temperature: -40℃~+50℃

Color: 7032

Steel pipe: 40*40*3mm

Cabinet: 1.5mm cold plate stamping and forming, with maintenance door on the back;

Mobile casters: 100*60mm