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BYD Models Are Equipped With Blade Batteries

Nov 12, 2021

"Hongqi and Changan Automobile are purchasing blade batteries, and all BYD models are equipped with blade batteries," BYD President Wang Chuanfu introduced at a press conference in Chongqing on April 7.

   On the same day, BYD officially announced: From now on, all its pure electric vehicles are fully equipped with blade batteries, which means that every car of BYD is equipped with the safest battery in the world, and it officially bid farewell to the era of "BYD electric vehicles are not safe".

   What is the reason for the full saber? What new highlights do the four new cars match? Looking forward to the future of the new energy field, independent research and development will be BYD's "iron rice bowl". BYD, as a leader in the field of research and development, will still lead the new energy field to a promising future.


  All sabers, what's the reason?

   BYD: "Safety is the greatest luxury of an electric car."

  The guard saber is to protect the safety of the owner; the tram saber is to protect the safety of the owner. At present, the biggest stumbling block in the development of the pure electric vehicle market is the explosion of batteries.

   With the rapid increase in the penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market and the substantial increase in sales of pure electric vehicles, safety issues have become a top priority. Safety-oriented not only maximizes the interests of car owners, but also guarantees the sustainable development of the power battery industry.


  The blade battery has gained the title of "ceiling" in the current battery field for its characteristics of super safety, super strength, super battery life, super life, and super power.

   Whether it is acupuncture test known as the "Mount Everest" in the field of battery safety testing, or a 46-ton full-load heavy-duty truck pressure test, the blade battery is not a problem. The test results under extremely harsh test conditions are sufficient to prove the superior performance of the blade battery in terms of safety and strength.


As the "big brother" in the battery field in my country, BYD has 26 years of R&D experience and has always insisted on independently mastering the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of core industrial equipment. The blade battery production line and equipment and other key components are all independently developed and manufactured by BYD. .

   BYD firmly believes that safety is only with a saber.


   The four-car sabre came, shocked the release!

BYD President Wang Chuanfu said in a speech: “Under the background of solving energy security and fulfilling national commitments, what else can we do? Use new energy technologies to promote the transformation of energy consumption structure and accelerate the advancement of vehicle electrification. s answer."

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