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Automotive Training Device Are Ready To Ship

Jun 20, 2022

  • The good news, our produce of equipment ready to ship .

    Please know it the Automotive training equipment as follows:

    We are manufacturer to produce the automobile training equipment.

    We support to OEM/ODM, the product has a good competition in your market.

    The hot sale training equipment as follows:


    1. New energy automobile with 6-pieces teaching set(consult with me).


    2. Diesel common rail simulator on bench.    


    3. Electronic hydractive suspension simulator. 


    4. Electronic pneumatic suspension simulator.


    So many materials to install equipment, we promise 15 to 20 days for test and ready goods.


    Our products can export all over the world, just you choose them.

    The Whole vehicle electric training bench of details as follows:

    (1) The measuring panel of the training platform is painted with color inkjet circuit diagram, which is made of 8mm thick high-strength acrylic sheet inkjet. It is resistant to large temperature difference, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anticorrosive, not easy to deform, long service life, bright color, not easy to fade and so on.

    (2) The training platform expands the electrical appliances of the whole vehicle in a flat form, and each system is fixed according to the relative position of the original vehicle. The circuit is clear and consistent with the original vehicle system, which is convenient for detection and simple to operate.

    (3) Detection terminals are installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of various sensors and actuators, such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency signals, etc.

    (4) The training platform is made of international standard aluminum alloy profiles, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and long life, without spraying process, more environmental protection, more beautiful appearance and high-grade, the platform with self-locking casters, flexible movement, safe and reliable, durable.

    Add cross-line connection training function:

     1) Front desk wiring training:With the use of wiring diagnosis special jumper wiring, students can independently complete the line connection of the system they have learned, focusing on the students' reading and understanding of the system circuit diagram and practical operational ability, to further verify their mastery of the overall line layout and system control principle, improve practical operation skills and strengthen theoretical knowledge.

    2) Background wiring diagnosis and protection: through the teaching software, the teacher's computer can intuitively detect the training results of the front desk wiring operation, the software can automatically judge whether students are connected correctly and give hints, and the software has the function of automatic scoring, real-time control of wiring results and training process, improve the quality of teaching. The teaching assistant system can also effectively protect the device damage, circuit short circuit and other man-made faults caused by the wrong operation of the front desk training, so as to ensure the safe use of the platform.If the software copyright registration certificate and high-tech product certificate of the system are available during bidding, the original certificate shall be provided (for on-site reference).On-site demonstration of the software is required when bidding.

    (The bid-winning supplier shall guarantee that there is no intellectual property dispute in the process of use by the purchaser, if there is, the bid-winning supplier shall bear all possible legal consequences)