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New Energy Vehicle Training Equipment

Nov 12, 2021


With the development of world economy, people's living standard has been greatly improved.We have more choices, the freedom to shop,travel freely.

All these benefits from the development of science and technology, but behind the rapid development, in exchange for the earth's environment The damage.especially in the car travel this aspect, more and more countries pay attention to.


As a manufacturer of automobile teaching equipment, following the development trend of the world and the development trend of automobile training equipment, it has been exploring

New energy vehicles.Through the unremitting efforts of the company's research and development team, we have our own new energy vehicle training equipment.As soon as

Launched by people from all walks of life.It occupies most of the overseas car training market, especially in Southeast Asia, Africa and other places.

Our automotive training equipment provides them with a certain foundation for automotive talent training.


1. Battery management system training bench : original automobile power battery pack is installed to provide power for the whole system . 

2. Charging system training bench : it is equipped with high-voltage control box ,DC/DC converter ,car charger ,low-voltage battery. Fast charging interface,slow charging interface ,etc.,which is the charging entrance of power battery pack .

3. Driver system training equipment : install a motor controller and driver ,the automobile control unit,the accelerator pedal,gearshift and combination instrument ,diagnostic interface ,brake system ,cooling system ,etc.

4. Air conditioning system training bench : equipped with air conditioning duct assembly,evaporation box, condenser ,air conditioning compressor ,air conditioning pipeline ,air conditioning controller ,etc,. 

5. Steering system training bench : equipped with automobile front axle,tire ,steering machine ,steering wheel,steering control unit ,etc,.which render the function display of electric power steering .


Technology is the core competitiveness of the company;Quality is the company's commitment to products.We hope that the training of new energy vehicles will be able to

To serve more training institutions.