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6 Classic Cases Of Common Faults in Automobile Maintenance

Nov 12, 2021

For some common problems of automobile, we should also know how to judge and deal with them. Next, I'll introduce you to the six classic fault analysis common in automobile maintenance.


1. Inaccurate automobile oil gauge


"I've bought my car for a while. Now there's a small problem. Although it doesn't affect the use, it's very inconvenient for me. The problem lies in my oil gauge. Its accuracy is absolutely doubtful. In the first half, the pointer drops very slowly, and after half, it feels like the engine is drinking oil, and the pointer brushes down. Every time I go to refuel when the pointer reaches the last white line, but sometimes when 100 yuan of oil is added, the pointer rises to a different position. Even once it was filled with oil, but the pointer couldn't reach the top. What's the matter? "


Diagnosis and treatment opinions: the phenomenon that the decline rate of the pointer of the oil gauge is different may be a design problem. The oil gauge of some models is not designed in a linear way, and the phenomenon of slow in the first half and fast in the second half should be normal. The pointer of the oil gauge is unstable. There may be a problem with the oil level sensor of the oil gauge. If the pointer of the oil gauge does not reach the top after it is confirmed to be filled with oil, there should be a problem with the display of the oil gauge. These problems can be repaired in the repair shop.


2. The car's power window drops suddenly and automatically


"My car is a medium and high-grade model. The four door electric window is standard equipment. It was extremely convenient to use. In particular, the one button lifting design on the main driver's side eliminates the trouble of always pressing and holding the control button when passing through some toll stations. It is much better than the electric doors and windows of my previous car. But there are also various problems with advanced things. Now, every time my driver's side electric window rises to the top, it will suddenly automatically fall for a section, so that every time I close the window, I have to carefully control it, which saves trouble and becomes trouble. Is there a problem with the control system? "


Diagnosis and treatment opinions: generally, high-end cars will be equipped with an anti pinch function in the design of power windows, which can avoid personal injury caused by accidental operation. During the use of the vehicle, if there are some objects embedded in the door top frame and the window rises to this position, the sensor will start the anti pinch function to lower the window. In addition, sometimes during high-speed driving, the glass cannot rise smoothly along the track due to voltage, which will also lead to the start of anti pinch function. In this case, it is best to go to the special maintenance station for adjustment, check whether there is any foreign matter affecting the window lifting, and adjust it.


3. The sealing of automobile lamps is not tight


"Some time ago, the climate was changeable, and there were often rainstorms. My car had experienced several storms. God bless me. My car passed through crises again and again and did not become a victim of the accumulated water under the urban overpass. Some of this was due to my excellent driving level. Although the car didn't die in the rain, the continuous rain really brought me a lot of trouble. As long as the rain is over, there is a mist in my car's headlights. You say I can't wipe the mist in the lampshade! When you think of the fog in the car, you can remove it by warm air baking. I wonder if this baking method is also applicable to the headlights? "


Diagnosis and treatment opinion: due to the lax sealing of the lamp, it is easy to cause water inflow during cleaning and rain, and fog will be formed when the temperature difference between inside and outside is large. At this time, it is best not to bake at high temperature. The materials of the lamp are generally plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it may soften and deform the appearance of the lamp, affecting the use and beauty. In addition, the current lamps are generally integral. After the transparent lampshade, there will be a back plate to protect the lamp body. High temperature baking will also cause the glue between the two to melt, increasing the possibility of water entering the lamp. Generally speaking, the water in the lamp can evaporate and disappear quickly under the sunlight during the day. If water enters your lamp frequently, you should go to the service station to check the lamp body to see if the lamp is damaged due to collision, resulting in frequent water inflow.


4. Ignition difficulty of automobile engine


"It's been nearly a year since I bought my car. The problem now is that it's very difficult to ignite every time. It takes four to five times. The engine vibrates badly and makes a" roaring "sound. In this year, I have carried out maintenance every time on time. The engine oil is also of a relatively advanced brand, and the replacement time of each filter element is even more afraid of being wrong, But why does this happen? "


Diagnosis and treatment opinion: this situation should be caused by the blockage of the fuel injection head. It is estimated that normal operation can be restored after cleaning the fuel injection head. In addition, carbon deposition near the intake valve will also be one of the reasons. If the carbon deposit is not cleaned up, although the sprayed oil can enter, there is some adsorption, which will cause problems such as high fuel consumption and abnormal air intake, which is bound to affect the working condition of the engine. Therefore, cleaning these parts in the maintenance station is the best way to solve the problem.


5. Automatic transmission vehicles will produce a paste smell after driving for a long time


"As I am in a metropolis, traffic jams are always unavoidable. I think my driving skills are not first-class. Therefore, when choosing a car, I mainly consider the automatic transmission model. At the same time, the current car market is very depressed, and the car prices fall again and again, which also enriches the models I can choose. After driving the automatic gear for a period of time, I found some problems, that is, when I drive in L gear, there will be a paste smell after a long time. In this process, I did not perform the control of rapid acceleration or deceleration. Why did this phenomenon occur? Can't it be the paste smell of the clutch? Isn't this only possible for cars with manual transmission? "


Diagnosis and treatment advice: the reason why this happens is closely related to your use. According to the usage practice of automatic gear, l gear is generally only used in rainy and snowy weather and when the road adhesion is low. It will improve the rotation of the engine and drive in gear. Due to the good road condition, the speed will rise quickly, At this time, because the transmission is limited, it will not shift, which will continuously increase the engine speed and generate huge heat. When these heat is baked to the interior trim or three-way catalytic device of the vehicle, it will produce a vague smell. Therefore, when the road is in good condition, you should avoid driving in L gear. On the one hand, it is conducive to improve the speed and reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, it can protect your car's engine and transmission from damage.


6. The car body makes a strange noise


"I'm a smoker. I always make the car miasma, and the windows are too noisy. Therefore, when I change the car, I specially chose a model with a sunroof. However, when the sunroof is opened, it will always make an abnormal noise. Some people say it is the collision sound between the exhaust pipeline and the vehicle body. When the road condition is bumpy, abnormal noise will also occur in the trunk. What is the reason? "


Diagnosis and treatment opinions: the problem of the sunroof should not have much to do with the drainage pipeline, because during the opening process of the sunroof, only the abnormal track of the sunroof is moving. If there is a sound, it may be that some parts are not lubricated well. You can try to apply some grease, or it may be that the sunroof is opened for a long time, causing a lot of dust to accumulate on the track, The sound should disappear after wiping. For the abnormal noise in the rear compartment, check whether there is knocking due to the loose fixing of the exhaust pipe. In addition, you should also check whether the jack or accompanying tools in the trunk are firmly fixed, or whether there are other heavy objects in the trunk. They may be the culprit for hitting the trunk.