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Automobile Training Equipment Of Car Simulator

Nov 12, 2021

       Car driving simulator

The universal demand for cars has accelerated the rapid development of the automobile industry.Whether it is developed countries in Europe and The United States, or developing countries

The country, in the automotive research and development and investment are on the rise.Thus, the emergence of the automobile industry training institutions, driving

School, school, etc.

And my company in the automotive training industry has done more than 10 years, we have their own technical research and development team, production workshop, testing

Service sector.The company's products are exported to overseas, in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East has a large market.

Product Introduction:

Vehicle driving simulator virtual reality technology was applied to vehicle driving system, using computer technology to produce the car virtual visual, sound and movement in the process of simulation, to make drivers immersed virtual driving environment, produce real vehicle driving feeling, to experience, understanding and learning the car driving in real world, can be a safe and effective to improve technical level drivers,And can reduce all kinds of costs.As an important part of traffic safety system, vehicle driving simulator can improve drivers' safety awareness and reduce the accident rate.

Main features:

1. Five control parts of real cars: steering wheel, clutch, foot brake, throttle and handbrake;

2. Fully real car gear: reverse, first gear, second gear, third gear, fourth gear, fifth gear and neutral gear;

3. Real car operation switch: left turn signal, right turn signal, emergency light, horn, ignition switch, general electric switch, safety belt, wiper, high beam, low light, etc.

4. Driving subjects: basic training, venue driving, comprehensive training, multimedia teaching video, paperless test, traffic signs and line marking, traffic laws and regulations, etc.