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Automative Air Conditioning Training Bench

Nov 12, 2021

            Automative air conditioning training bench

The development of a country's industry is often related to the development of the automobile industry.Transportation, the movement of goods, involves cars

In this respect.With the booming development of the automobile industry, many schools have also set up courses related to automobile teaching and training for the society

Train talents in automobile technology.

And my company also take this opportunity, vigorously develop the research and development of automobile teaching instruments and production.Among them, car engine teaching instrument

Vehicle hydraulic suspension training instrument, vehicle transmission training platform, vehicle air conditioning training platform, etc.

What I would like to recommend is the automobile air conditioning system training platform:

Functional features:

1. Based on the "Climatronic" with air-conditioning control function, the composition structure and working process of automatic air-conditioning system are truly demonstrated.

2. The three-phase motor is the power source to drive the air conditioning compressor. Operating the air conditioning control board can truly demonstrate the working process and working principle of the auto air conditioning refrigeration system. Similarly, heating system can be demonstrated by heater as heat source.

3. Install the thermometer on the board, which can display the temperature change of air inlet and outlet in real time.

4. The board is painted with spray-painted circuit diagram, and installed with detection terminal, which can directly detect the electrical signal of the sensors, actuators, automatic air conditioning control unit pin on the board, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals.

5. Equipped with fault setting system, one or more common faults can be set to simulate the circuit faults of the air conditioning system, so as to achieve the purpose of examination

6. The training bench is equipped with a diagnosis socket, which can be connected to a special or general purpose automobile decoder, and can perform self-diagnosis functions such as reading fault codes, eliminating fault codes and reading data streams for the automatic air conditioning system.


Brand new technology, professional team, create a different automobile teaching and training equipment.