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Four Reasons For PHEV's Popularity

Nov 12, 2021

Four reasons for PHEV's popularity

PHEV is favored by the market. The main factors are as follows:

First, the subsidy for new energy vehicles is declining year by year. The subsidy price difference between plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles with low endurance is narrowing day by day, and the price advantage of PHEV is gradually emerging. With the complete withdrawal of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the purchase cost advantage of PHEV will be further highlighted.

Second, in addition to individual regions, plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles can enjoy the policy benefits of free purchase tax, unlimited travel and unlimited purchase (in cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, plug-in hybrid vehicles are more favored by consumers because they can successfully obtain new energy vehicle licenses), This makes it a new trend for the terminal market to choose plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Third, in the process of use, PHEV gives full play to its advantages. Whether in urban areas or high-speed, short distance or long-distance, oil or electricity, PHEV attracts consumers more than pure electric. Compared with pure electric vehicles, PHEV models have natural product advantages in alleviating users' life anxiety, and are almost the same as traditional fuel vehicles in use. Therefore, consumers who choose new energy vehicles for the first time are more likely to accept plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Fourth, PHEV has more market advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection than pure electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles. In terms of fuel consumption, PHEV can be driven by pure electricity when driving in urban areas for a short distance (< 60km); In high-speed and long-distance, the motor and engine cooperate with each other to make the engine work in the most economical and efficient range, which is still more fuel-efficient than traditional fuel vehicles. In terms of environmental protection, PHEV battery is much smaller than pure electric vehicle battery, the utilization rate of pure electric driving per unit battery is higher, and the pollution to the environment is much less in terms of battery production and recovery and power source.

No matter how hybrid products evolve, product power is one of the core problems. How to optimize the design of motor and transmission to meet the needs of hybrid vehicles with different configurations will become the key factor to determine the success or failure of products.

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