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Britain Promotes The Research And Development Of The New Generation Of Electric Vehicle Batteries To Help Green Transformation

Nov 12, 2021

The British research and Innovation Agency recently announced that 17 projects of electric vehicle battery technology development have been included in its funding plan. These projects include improving battery power performance, reducing costs, improving charging efficiency and better recycling of waste batteries.

The funding scheme involves a total of 10 million pounds (1 US dollar or about 0.7 pounds), and the project is carried out by a number of enterprises and research institutions. Tony Harper, who is in charge of the funding scheme of the research and Innovation Agency, said that he would continue to support different enterprises in the battery supply chain to develop relevant technologies and promote British scientific research and innovation in this field.

The British government plans to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030 and hybrid vehicles by 2035. At the same time, automobile manufacturers are also facing stricter carbon emission rules throughout Europe, which also promotes automobile manufacturers to accelerate their transformation to electric vehicle business. A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Commerce said that the key to the production of electric vehicles is batteries. In this field, the UK has been relatively backward. High quality battery production capacity is very important for the growth and green transformation of the UK manufacturing industry.

In addition to the introduction of relevant funding plans, the construction of megawatt battery factory is also an important measure of the British government.

Water, a British electric vehicle battery start-up, plans to open a 95 hectare plant in the port city of Bryce, which is expected to have a capacity of 30 gigawatt hours by 2027. The plant plans to use renewable energy to transmit the energy generated by hydropower in Norway to Bryce 720km away through submarine cable. Water hopes to build one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly battery factories in the world.

Some analysts believe that the construction of large battery factories in the UK is also out of the need to ensure employment. A survey shows that as carmakers abandon the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles, the UK may lose 100000 jobs without building a new battery factory. By 2040, Britain is expected to build seven super factories, which can solve the employment problem of up to 220000 people.

Solving the source of funds is an important prerequisite for Britain to vigorously promote the construction of battery factories. The government promised to invest 1 billion pounds to help build a battery factory, but this is far from meeting the actual demand. With a total investment of 2.6 billion pounds, water's battery plant is one of the largest industrial investments in Britain, but it still faces a huge capital gap. Water is considering listing on the London Stock Exchange to finance the project.

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