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The Automotive Trianing Equipment Are Ready

Nov 12, 2021

                                   The company is committed to the automotive teaching industry research and development and production, in Guangzhou side, has its own factory.Our products are exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions.The customer feedback to us is that the machine of Automotive engine training bench is practical, good quality, easy for students to understand.

We can customize products according to customers' requirements, train the functions and features of equipment, appearance and customer logo.As long as customers have requirements, we will try our best to meet.There are first-class R&D team, reliable suppliers, to provide customers with the best service.

This kind of automobile teaching equipment is a new order placed by an Indonesian customer. We design the appearance and function of the machine for the customer, which is targeted to serve the customer.

The following are the parameters of the two devices:

1. Approx. 1,500 CC Gasoline engine with cutaway for Cylinder Block, 15 degree of Cylinder head 90 degree of intake manifold.  Steel frame with Heat treatment painting     

- Available to checking injection volume and fixed with fuel  recyclien system     

- Power : 220 Volt, approx. 180W motor     

- Motor speed control     

- Supplying ECU circuit     

- Supplying ECU program     

- Supplying Source and B11Textbook 



Untuk mempelajari seluk beluk engine berbahan bakar diesel, cara kerja dan troubleshooting.



1) Diesel Engine Assembly, approx. 2,500 – 3,000 cc

2) FR Automatic Transmission Assembly    

3) All ignition related electric devices

4) Injector, Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel Devices, DC 12V Car Battery and Generator    

5) Cooling System such as Radiator, Overflow Tank, Relay, Electric Pan

6) Exhaust System such as Catalytic Converter, Emission, Silencer

7) Ignition Switch (Key S/W) Anti-vibration dampers and a urethane wheels

8) Control box, fuel tank (removable), accelerator lever    

9) Stainless molding type safety guard is installed   

10) Radiator-only stand and laser processing protection panel

11) Vacuum Pressure Gauge ✽1 (approx. min 0.1Mpa)    

12) Fuel Pressure Gauge *1 (approx. min 1Mpa)13) Battery Voltage Gauge *1 (approx. 30V)    

14) Cabinet type storage space with min 2 door

15) Fault insertion, control panel open and close feature and 3 stage PCB board mounted

16) Minimum 10 Training Contents

17) Manual Book

18) Modul Pemeliharaan Mesin Diesel