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Automotive Teaching Equipment Of Instruction

Nov 12, 2021

In the field of automobile teaching instruments, Guangdong Zhongcai Teaching instruments is a well-known solution supplier that combines informatization and practical training experiments. The line of vocational trainer equipment has been grinding for ten years, focusing on the field of automobile teaching in colleges and universities, insisting on steady operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation,In automotive teaching equipment (structure/principle/electronic diagnosis experiment innovation, etc.), 3 d software simulation, virtual reality VR and AR augmented reality in areas such as constructed from hardware to software development and product service solutions, for laboratories in colleges and universities, education practitioners and dealers to provide competitive solutions, products and services,It is committed to using information technology and virtual reality technology to build a more flexible and colorful new teaching world.At present, zhongcai teaching instruments are used in dozens of colleges and universities around the world, benefiting a batch of students majoring in automobile with high-quality services.Openness and win-win cooperation

Open the knowledge boundary, classroom and practice shake hands, the company is working with partners to establish mutual growth, symbiosis, regeneration and win-win prosperity of the business ecosystem.

Innovation + Technology

Guangdong Zhongcai Teaching Instrument focuses on the field of digital teaching. In order to achieve better classroom teaching, it continues to invest in key technologies, infrastructure equipment manufacturing, software architecture, product development,and other directions and is committed to developing more flexible, more professional, more reliable products to create a better teaching experience.

Quality policy of vocational school training equipment

Actively listen to customer needs, carefully build product quality, sincerely provide satisfactory service, always remember that customer service is the only reason for our existence.

Unitrust will adhere to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win, take teaching equipment as the core, technical innovation ,and product services as the support, and work with partners to create a vibrant new classroom.

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