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ABS / ESP Of Car Training Equipment

Nov 12, 2021

Automobile educational equipment includes braking test stand, cabinet meeting, control console, variable frequency engine, loading controller generator, ABS braking system, oil circuit control system, computer program, data acquisition system and driver system.

The electronic vehicle fuselage structure in the general simulator cycle is designed as an industrial test platform with high test accuracy, stable performance and reasonable structure.The replacement seat adopts the test five working state selection control mode.Speed control depends on moving frequency conversion speed control, speed input and output measurement group is 0 ~ 80km/h.Supplemented by braking functions, ESP stability, cruise control and other basic performance tests, ABS principles and corresponding training performance theory.

Car education Equipment includes mechanical platforms, engines and control systems, modems, data acquisition systems, drivers and data interface systems.

The electronic solids test program includes a comprehensive vehicle chassis simulation test platform, lock test, decompression test, brake stability test, brake performance test, traction control test, CCZ control test and other basic performance tests.

At the same time, it also includes braking performance test under different speed conditions, braking performance test under different conditions such as simulated road.

Students equipment can be moved to the right side of the lab, in the system after completion of self-examination, after residential lighting, the fixed foot control can be connected to the power supply, the tool can also enter the work state, students can according to the instruction from the various units, according to the working conditions of different records, faster familiar with the students of electronic automobile structure system.

Mainly involved in the development of automotive and teaching software, automotive education and training equipment development, which is a set of research and development, design, sales, product promotion, promotion planning, teaching and training and other high-tech enterprises.

The current products are: teaching model series car series, teaching and training series, teaching model new energy series, teaching and training module series, electronic innovation laboratory equipment control, scientific experiments, software performance testing equipment, virtual simulation program and other products.

It has a professional research and development group and a technical group dedicated to experimental teaching and academic talent services.With technology and services widely recognized and praised.

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