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Automobile Teaching Equipment Exhibition

Nov 12, 2021

Guangdong Zhongcai Teaching Instrument Co., LTD., mainly produces automotive training equipment.At the same time, it will also match vehicle maintenance tools for a set of production purposes.

The company participated in the national vocational education modern technology equipment and teaching materials exhibition, we have our own booth, independent research and development of products and equipment, at the exhibition site at a glance.There are college teachers, vocational and technical schools to visit our booth.We are also equipped with professional technical personnel, can solve problems for customers on site, customers raised questions, we will patiently answer one by one.The function of the product;Product innovation;Operational issues with the product.At the same time, we also give customers a product catalog of the company's car teaching instruments, so that we can have a more detailed understanding of the company and products, and provide opportunities for future cooperation.

The auto teaching equipment that can be seen at the exhibition are:

1. Automobile engine training platform

2. Chassis training platform

3. Air conditioning system training platform

4. Electrical training platform


At the same time, the company also has the ability to customize the vehicle teaching equipment, as long as you provide the required parameters or product pictures.We can meet the requirements of our customers.

Now the exhibition is successfully concluded, many customers bought our equipment and instruments at the scene, some customers said, because of our brand and choose;There are also customers said that through friends to buy our machines.There are a lot of customers who come to see the equipment. They discuss the parameters with our technicians and say that they want the machine parameters.

The choice of customers is the power of our company to produce automotive teaching instruments.In the future, our company will invest more money in research and development products, cater to the market, the company's production of automotive teaching equipment to sell at home and abroad.More permeable in terms of brand.

The Exhibition at the scene shows: