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What Are The Functions And Characteristics Of The Full-car Electrical Training Station?

Nov 12, 2021

1. The demonstration board is based on the real Volkswagen passat electrical system, including charging system, starting system, engine electric control system, light and signal system, instrument system, sound system, wiper system, central control door lock window lifter, electric reversing mirror, cooling fan, fuel injection test measuring cup and measuring cup bracket;

2. Through the transparent measuring cup, the entire fuel injection process of the fuel injection system can be visually displayed, and the running status of the electrical system can be dynamically displayed through the original vehicle combination instrument and LED light;

3. Practical training projects include: operation demonstration, teaching and experiment of various electrical systems; Each sensor signal detection; Fault setting, troubleshooting, training and assessment of electronic control system; Special decoder equipment to read the fault code, clear fault code, read the data stream; Automotive oscilloscope active sensor signal waveform detection, passive sensor signal waveform detection;

4. The teaching panel is equipped with the name of the component and the component leads to the measuring terminal, which is convenient for the teacher's more intuitive explanation and measurement analysis;

5. There is a diagnosis seat installed on the panel of the electrical training platform of the whole vehicle, which can be connected with the special or general vehicle diagnosis instrument to read fault codes, wave splitter and other engine self-diagnosis functions of the engine electronic control system; Self-diagnosis function: reading dynamic and static data stream, reading fault code, waveform analysis, performing component action test and other functions;

6. The teaching panel is equipped with a computer outlet terminal, which can use a multimeter and oscilloscope to detect the resistance, voltage, frequency and waveform of each electrical element;

7. The frame is welded with standard profiles, and the surface is sprayed with high temperature after polishing and polishing, with strong oil resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance;

8. The base of the electrical training platform of the whole vehicle is equipped with self-locking caster device, which is convenient to move at any time;

9. The electrical training platform of the whole vehicle is equipped with safety protection devices such as ignition switch, leakage protector, safety protection net, etc., which is convenient to cut off the main power supply and carry out safety protection;

10. Equipment operation manual, which includes equipment daily maintenance, maintenance data, fault setting data, operation specifications, operation procedures, operation notes, etc.;

11, equipped with wireless network teaching training assessment system, can enable students to troubleshoot the actual practice, can also be the actual troubleshooting ability of students assessment, teachers can set assessment questions, assessment time, students can be statistically printed assessment results.