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The Construction Significance Of The Automobile Training Room

Nov 12, 2021

With the rapid increase of automobile ownership in China, automobile application and maintenance industry is becoming a relatively independent emerging pillar industry supporting the development of automobile industry, and has increasingly attracted the attention of the industry at home and abroad. Automobile electronization, intelligence and electronic technology have been applied to all systems of automobile. In view of this, the application of automotive electronics technology came into being, it is a good solution to the above described students theory strong, practice weak problem. Can enable students to carry out practical training in automotive electronics, improve the practical experience and hands-on ability of students, master the basic operation methods and experience of automotive electronic engineering technology before graduation, can undertake the task of automotive circuit system maintenance, improve the employment rate of students. To train a group of automotive industry knowledge, understand the professional technology, skilled mastery of automotive electronics and electrical technology professionals, meet the needs of the rapidly developing automotive industry. At the same time, strengthen the practical training of students' practical engineering technology, improve students' practical ability, also reflects the idea of zero-distance employment.