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Engine Disassembly And Operation Training Platform In Automobile Teaching Equipment

Nov 12, 2021

Engine disassembly and running training platform is one of the automobile teaching equipment, which is for students to disassemble and run the engine to verify whether the engine after disassembly runs smoothly. The real working engine is adopted to fully demonstrate the engine structure. The platform is equipped with the self-diagnosis function of diagnostic block and circuit flip chart learning engine system, which can read fault codes manually or connect with computer diagnostic instrument to read fault codes and data streams. Using switch, can be set up complete failure function, set fault is completed, the student can use special instruments or multimeter test from the panel, check out the set point of failure position and content, disassembling the engine can do axial any flip Angle and delicate, division, dismantling and manipulation of the two systems are interference, convenient connection, the basic operation of the efi engine and learning, electric control running test, represent the engine working conditions, timely detection assembly can mix data flow, fully meet the engine disintegrated, refitted, debugging, testing the whole process of requirement.