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The Background And Significance Of The Automobile Teaching Tool Project

Nov 12, 2021

Along with the increasing car ownership and car maintenance is also constantly increased, according to the U.S. department of labor: "those contained in the training the basic skills of electronics technician will get the best jobs." and there are a variety of data analysis shows that the modern automotive electronics and diagnosis skills will be key master key skills maintenance engineer in the future. The auto industry is replacing mechanical parts with electronic parts to improve the performance and reliability of cars. Nowadays, electronic technology is widely used in modern automobile, including electronic ignition, electronic injection, electronic control of engine, cruise control, automatic computer control, emission control, ABS braking, climate control system, anti-collision system, active suspension, light regulation and so on.

Initially, it was assumed that modern automotive systems and service industries would become less and less important to understand diagnostic technology because of the proliferation of sophisticated, self-diagnostic vehicles on the market, as well as advanced equipment that almost automatically performs tests and diagnostics. But things are now moving in the opposite direction. Due to the increasing reliability of electronic components system, many faults do not lie in the components or the system itself, but in the poor contact or short circuit between various systems. The most critical skill or, as experts say, the weakest link in the auto repair industry is diagnostic electronics, now defined as "automotive electronics." In many automobile repair factories, the core character is the person who has mastered the advanced automobile electronic diagnosis skill. At present, this kind of trained maintenance engineers is extremely scarce. The problem will only get worse if teaching and training are not adjusted. Therefore, the market on the demand for electronic control system teaching AIDS.