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New Energy Experimental Equipment Car Training Room Construction And Practical Training Intention

Nov 12, 2021

In order to follow the policy of integrating theory and practice in car training education, our company has introduced car education model and car training equipment to supply the school with the construction of integrated training room. The content of the training is to disassemble and assemble the engine assembly for several teams. Training intention, one is to let students learn how to disassemble and assemble the engine and the correct use of the operation of things, and understand the engine assembly and the role of each component; Second, let the students correctly use the appearance of measuring tools and use the process of matters needing attention and be able to read correctly.

Car mechanical and electrical repair is the car mechanical and electrical system protection, maintenance, view, repair operations. The electromechanical system of the car touches three major parts, namely engine, chassis and body electrical appliances, which are the central part of the car. The advance and development of car technology are largely reflected in the advance and development of electromechanical system, such as electronic control fuel injection system anti-lock braking system, electronic control air conditioning system. Car mechanical and electrical repair is also a car repair operation in the relatively high technical content of the operation. My car's training room construction plan, with the vehicle training as the main line and the main body, in accordance with the enterprise of the actual job content, process, standard and system for repeatability of high intensity exercise, and pioneering social car repair practice is introduced in the process of education operation, students under the guidance of a mentor independent over by a car, see the fault discriminant repair process, make the students learning during which implements the theory education, the perfect combination of field practice and internships.

The primary purpose of this training is to let students consolidate and deepen the understanding of the knowledge related to the book, and to use practice to check the theory and promote the learning of theoretical knowledge. After practical training to grasp the basic composition and structure of the car engine, the parts and components and the connection between each other, disassembly method and process and matters needing attention; Grasp the correct use of disassembly equipment, things, measuring methods; At the same time training and cultivation of hands-on ability.