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The Demand For Automobile Teaching Equipment Is Getting Higher And Higher

Nov 12, 2021

Automotive teaching equipment parts requirements are increasingly high

[1] the test standard puts forward higher waveform requirements

The international general test standards are more stringent on the waveform requirements of alternating pressure test for parts of automobile training equipment. (1) the testing machine should have a variety of test waveforms (sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, etc.) available for selection at the same time. (2

There is a wider range of alternating frequencies. (3) waveform quality is restricted by strict error bands, especially for engine test bed and square wave conditions, the system must have a high frequency response. Hydraulic servo control system is usually used to achieve the required waveform accuracy.

[2] the test standard is stricter on the temperature control of the test medium

In the past alternating pressure test, the medium in the specimen is closed, which is bound to cause the temperature of the medium in the specimen to be consistent with the ambient temperature with the increase of time. But the international general test standard request by the automobile teaching equipment specimen inside and outside temperature independent control, the most effective method is to make the medium in the specimen flow.

Traditional oil cylinder pumping pressure method can quickly establish pressure, but can not achieve the flow of the medium, need to design a set of hydraulic control system, and organic combination with the oil cylinder pumping pressure method, in order to achieve the medium flow working condition, alternating pressure waveform accurate!