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The Durability Of Automotive Teaching Equipment Is The Focus!

Nov 12, 2021

In fact, a lot of manufacturers have the car teaching equipment is very handsome, very good-looking, but in fact, there is the appearance, no inner, look useless, are useless, car teaching equipment, the most important should be durable, and practical, so as to better help students understand the car, learn the car!

We pay attention to the practicability, visualization and advancement of automobile teaching equipment in the development process, and adopt strict manufacturing technology to ensure the beauty, practicality and durability of the equipment, which can meet the needs of various automobile colleges and training institutions for modern automobile maintenance technology teaching and training. To the automobile structure theory teaching, the practical training teaching will play an irreplaceable role. Our goal is to continue to according to the requirements of automotive teaching, continue to develop a line with China's national conditions, advanced technology and reasonable price of modern automotive teaching equipment.

Mental skills, the engine bench, are the perceptual faculties and modes of thinking necessary to drive a car. As we all know, the fundamental point of skill mastery lies in the formation of proficiency. The formation of automobile driving proficiency is derived from its basic composition, namely, proficiency in operation skills and mental skills. The purpose of automobile driving training is also this.

The formation of operational skills and mental skills in car driving skills is not realized synchronously due to their different formation rules. Because of its directness and limitation, operating skills are easy to grasp and form quickly. Due to the accumulation of knowledge, physiological function of adaptation and other factors, the formation of mental skills slow.