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Manufacturing And Maintenance Of The Automotive Engine Training Station

Nov 12, 2021

In automobile engine training taichung is the most important part of the for automobile engine training units, the engine is equivalent to the heart of the people, so the maintenance and repair of engine, is a key factor in the service life of the direct relationship between the teaching facilities, as the car engine training machine manufacturers, hope to do more to improve customer service quality, introduces below the actual engine repair and maintenance of the automobile engine. This training platform is based on the original electric injection gasoline engine of Toyota corolla 1zz-fe factory. The engine can be operated to carry out the actual operation of starting, accelerating, slowing down, fault detection and diagnosis, fault simulation and elimination, and truly demonstrate the structure, principle and working process of electric injection gasoline engine. Applicable to various types of colleges and training institutions on automobile engine theory and maintenance training training needs.

Turn the crankshaft two times (720°), the piston in the cylinder up and down reciprocating movement of four strokes, complete a cycle of internal combustion engine known as the four-stroke internal combustion engine; The crankshaft turns one turn (360°), the piston in the cylinder up and down reciprocating motion two stroke, complete a cycle of internal combustion engine known as the two-stroke internal combustion engine. Four-stroke internal combustion engines are widely used in automobile engines. The number of cylinders of the engine is single cylinder and multi-cylinder engine. Family car is the most commonly used gasoline engine, gasoline engine is composed of two major institutions and five systems, namely by the crank linkage mechanism, valve mechanism, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, ignition system and start system; The diesel engine is the same, the difference is the diesel engine pressure combustion, does not need the ignition system. With the help of the whole car electrical training platform we can more clearly understand the structure of the car.

The crank connecting rod mechanism is the main moving part of the engine to realize the working cycle and complete the energy conversion. It is composed of body group, piston connecting rod group and crankshaft flywheel group. During the working stroke, the piston moves in a straight line under the gas pressure in the cylinder, which is converted into the rotating motion of the crankshaft through the connecting rod, and the power is output from the crankshaft. In the intake, compression, and exhaust stroke, the flywheel releases energy that converts the crankshaft's rotational motion into the piston's linear motion.

The function of the valve mechanism is according to the work sequence and working process of the whole car electric training station engine, open and close the intake valve and exhaust valve at regular intervals, so that the combustible mixture or air into the cylinder, and make the exhaust gas out of the cylinder, to achieve the air exchange process. The valve mechanism mostly adopts the overhead valve valve type valve mechanism, which is generally composed of valve group, valve drive group and valve drive group.