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What Are The Teaching Equipment Sandenergy Of New Energy Vehicles, Including What?

Nov 12, 2021

New energy vehicle teaching equipment mainly includes

New energy vehicle teaching equipment mainly includes new energy vehicle teaching system, new energy vehicle teaching experimental platform, new energy vehicle teaching training platform, new energy vehicle training equipment, new energy vehicle teaching teaching board, new energy vehicle comprehensive testing instrument, new energy vehicle anatomy model and tools, etc.

New energy vehicle teaching equipment all series including products

1. New energy vehicles teaching system mainly include: virtual simulation teaching system of new energy vehicles, new energy automobile AR_VR virtual simulation teaching system, new energy and drive motor control system, a hybrid test experiment teaching system, power lithium battery management controller development system, a hybrid _ power lithium battery power management system, etc

2. New energy vehicles teaching experiment platform main products are: new energy automobile trial system, new energy automobile motor performance test rig, the compressor comprehensive performance test rig, the new cars sliding vane compressor comprehensive test-bed, new energy automobile air compressor performance test-bed, hybrid electric vehicle assembly test rig, new energy _ power battery management system test bench, electric wheel electric vehicle _ _ distributed drive test-bed, new energy vehicle test bed, such as the Toyota prius hybrid test rig.

3. New energy automobile teaching practice a main products are: power battery and training management system platform, pure electric vehicle with dc motor drive controller training, new energy pure electric vehicle power system training, car hybrid system training, car petrol-electric hybrid system integrated training platform, the Toyota prius hybrid system practical training platform, pure electric vehicles electric air conditioning system, auto electric _ electric power steering system training sets, etc

4. The new energy automotive training equipment main products are: electric vehicle motor, refrigeration compressor performance test bed _ test bench test bed, hybrid test bench, auto _EPS electric power steering system performance test bench, the prius gas-electric hybrid system anatomy of the operating platform, gas-electric hybrid dynamical system anatomical demonstration units, pure electric vehicle battery management system examination device, pure electric vehicle power system training examination unit training, etc

5. New energy vehicles teaching demonstration board main products are: car hybrid engine teaching board teaching management system, solar panels, solar battery car simulation teaching board, fuel cell vehicles simulation teaching board, new energy automobile fuel cell system teaching board, car driving principle of the hybrid system of teaching board, mixed type hybrid electric vehicle energy control strategy teaching board, motor drive and energy recycling teaching board, etc.

6. The main products of new energy vehicle comprehensive test instrument are: new energy vehicle road comprehensive test instrument, new energy vehicle comprehensive test instrument, new energy vehicle comprehensive test instrument, new energy vehicle power system comprehensive test instrument, hybrid vehicle comprehensive test instrument, motor vehicle comprehensive test instrument, automobile engine comprehensive test instrument, etc.

7. The main products of xinyuan auto dissection model and tools include: drive motor disassembly platform for new energy vehicles, drive motor disassembly for new energy vehicles, insulating gloves and clamps multimeter, decoder for new energy vehicles, byd decoder new energy and baic new energy decoder, protective eye mask and high-pressure tool set.