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Introduction To Engine For Teaching Equipment

Nov 12, 2021

The diesel engine of the teaching equipment engine is the engine that obtains energy by burning diesel. Although the low speed of the diesel engine affects the highest output power, it is because of the low speed of the diesel engine that the diesel is given enough time to fully burn, so that the diesel is fully mixed and burned with the air in the cylinder. So diesel burns more efficiently than gasoline, and it's able to exotherm as much heat as possible in the combustion chamber and convert as much heat as possible into power to push the piston.

The diesel engine of teaching equipment engine has the advantages of large power and good economic performance. Exhaust gas turbo charging and improve the degree of pressurization, the car teaching equipment has no ignition system, so the fault is less easy to maintain, diesel engine and gasoline engine work process has the same place, each work cycle also experience intake, compression, work, exhaust four processes.