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Capacitors In The Teaching Board Of The Principle Of The Operation Of Super-capacitor Electric Vehicles

Nov 12, 2021


Supercapacitors are those that have both the same high discharge power as conventional capacitors and the same capacity to store charge as batteries. Because its discharge characteristics are still more similar to those of traditional capacitors, it can still be called "capacitor".

The principle of supercapacitors

The "dual-layer principle" is the core of the supercapacitor, which is determined by the dual-layer structure of the device. Supercapacitors are capacitors that take advantage of the double layer principle. When the applied voltage is applied to the two plates of an ordinary capacitor, the principle of charge storage is the same: the positive electrode corresponds to the positive charge, and the negative electrode corresponds to the negative charge. And super capacitor in addition to these functions, when the electric field will produce the opposite charge between electrolyte and electrode, the positive and negative respectively in different contact surface, the load distribution under the condition of belong to "electric double layer", because of the improvement on capacitor structure combination, super capacitor storage capacitance is bigger and bigger.

When the electric potential between the two plates is less than the standard potential of the electrolyte, the supercapacitor will work normally, but not normally. According to the principle of supercapacitors, there is no chemical reaction in the process of application, but only a change in physical properties, so the stability of supercapacitors is more reliable.

Supercapacitors are simply capacitors with a double layer principle. For an electrode in the system, it will generate a charge of hetero ion equal to the charge on the electrode within a certain distance from the electrode surface to keep it electrically neutral. When the electrodes are connected to the external power supply, the electric current in the external circuit will be generated due to the charge transfer on the electrode, and the ions in the solution will be electrically neutral when they migrate into the solution, which is the charging and discharging principle of the double-layer capacitor.

Principle and technical characteristics of supercapacitor

Supercapacitors store energy in the separated charge. The larger the area used to store the charge, the denser the separated charge, and the larger its capacity. Its technical features are as follows:

1. High energy conversion efficiency, small process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥ 90%;

2. Fast charging speed, charging for 10 seconds ~10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;

3. The raw material composition, production, use, storage and disassembly of the product have no pollution, which is an ideal green and environment-friendly power source;

4. Long cycle life, and the number of deep charge and discharge cycles can reach up to 10,000 to 500,000 times;

The teaching equipment ultracapacitor electric car operating principle teaching board is a part of the automotive teaching equipment series. The above content is the introduction of ultracapacitor electric car operating principle teaching board in the super capacitor, the teaching equipment is based on the content of the super capacitor research and development, welcome to customize!