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The Construction Direction Of The Comprehensive Training Room For Maintenance Electricians

Nov 12, 2021

Maintenance electrician comprehensive training room is an important vocational skills teaching training room, is the electrical electronics and automation technology training base of professional training room, with advanced maintenance electrician skills assessment equipment. Mainly for electromechanical integration, automotive electronic technology, electronic information engineering technology and other professional courses of the corresponding in-class training, curriculum design, graduation design, while supporting students to carry out electronic design competition and innovative activities, undertake in advanced maintenance electrician vocational skills appraisal training and assessment tasks.


【professional orientation】

Applied electronic technology, mechatronics technology, numerical control technology, electrical automation technology.

【functions and features】

Maintenance electrical training room functions: common low-voltage electrical equipment identification, detection, disassembly and maintenance, installation, debugging and fault maintenance of basic control lines of three-phase asynchronous motors, installation, debugging and fault maintenance of common production machinery electrical control lines.

Training room belongs to the teaching, learning, doing integration training room, maintenance electrician practice unit mainly complete electrical control, maintenance electrician, course practice teaching tasks, such as motor maintenance electrician skill examination device is equipped with the voltage type leakage protector, to ensure the safety of the operator, the output power were monitored and short circuit protection function, control panel is equipped with a timer and alarm recorder, and for the students practical skills assessment provides a unified standard.

Training room features: the maintenance electrician training equipment is equipped with PLC programmable controller and frequency conversion speed governor and the corresponding training modules, training, maintenance electrician experiment machine electrical control circuit training component on the mounting plate as hangs Taiwan, easy to operate, convenient to change, can quickly grasp the course requirements of practical application of technology and operation skills, extensible function or to develop new training, have very strong pertinence, practical, scientific and advanced nature, choose typical, practical operation content. The control circuit and the specially designed small motor for the skill training can simulate all kinds of electric driving system in the factory, and the maintenance electrician training equipment can meet the requirements of maintenance electrician's skill training such as installation, debugging, fault analysis and troubleshooting.

【practical ability evaluation】

Through maintenance electrician examination equipment training more practical study of the project, can meet the demand of electrical type of practice teaching, the maintenance electrician can be mastered knowledge and basic skills, indoor wiring installation, grounding device installation and maintenance, dismantling and maintenance of various commonly used motor, commonly used low voltage apparatus and distribution equipment installation and maintenance, motor control circuit basic installation and maintenance, commonly used machine tools installation and maintenance of electrical wiring, electronic circuit installation and debugging, electrical control circuit design, programmable controller and its application.