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Auto Education Equipment Exhibition

Nov 12, 2021

With the improvement of the company and technology, Zhongcai has won the praise from customers and started to actively participate in the exhibition. After the customers have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the automobile infrastructure, new energy construction and the use of teaching aids in the exhibition hall, China Zhongcai's international trade will be opened from then on. Together with customers from all countries, we will work together to improve the teaching program and achieve win-win results.


At the exhibition, the company will arrange the professional technical personnel to answer technical questions to customers, such as complete vehicle electrical hardware series, engine hardware series, teaching software series, automobile maintenance series, etc. If interested, the company can also deeply analyze the one-stop solution for new energy vehicles, etc.       


Zhongcai is committed to the automobile teaching industry, continuous independent research and development, continuous improvement of technical level, continuous compliance with the development of science and technology, in order to better improve the quality level of automobile education industry.