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Automotive Lab Program Specialist

Nov 12, 2021

With the sharp increase in the number of car ownership in China, the automobile application and maintenance industry is becoming a relatively independent and emerging pillar industry supporting the development of the automobile industry, and has increasingly attracted the attention of domestic and foreign industry. Automotive electronics and intelligence have become the main direction of automotive technology development. In order to cultivate a group of professionals with knowledge, professional skills and mastery of automotive electronic and electrical technology in the automotive industry, Guangdong Zhongcai made a reasonable plan according to the requirements of the school for the laboratory, and realized the idea of running a school with zero distance employment.


1.Automotive training equipment and environmental requirements:
The quality of the equipment and equipment provided in the automobile training room shall comply with relevant national standards or industry standards.
The number of vehicles in the training base is configured in the size of two classes (40 people/shift).
The vehicle training venue shall determine the area of use according to the health and safety requirements of the teachers and students and the content of the training, and shall comply with relevant national regulations.
The lighting, lighting, ventilation, electrical installation, fire prevention, safety and sanitation requirements of the vehicle training venue are referred to the "Standards for the Professional Equipment and Equipment for Automobile Operation and Maintenance" (JY/T0380-2006).
The installation of automotive training equipment should comply with relevant national standards and industry standards.
3.The automotive electronic training base training classification:
The equipment configuration of the automobile training base is classified according to the school auto maintenance professional curriculum setting, the auto maintenance industry job setting and capacity training, and is divided into:
1) Automotive electrical construction and maintenance training;
2) Vehicle training;
3) Simulation simulation training (optional)