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Classification Of Automobile Training Equipment

Nov 12, 2021

As we all know, in the skill education and training, equipment or props and models must be used. But in the car teaching equipment which is used in the car teaching, in order to have the best part to use, different parts of the car will contain different parts of the car skill teaching. Therefore, the selected equipment types can be divided into several categories, which can be discussed from the following;


Automobile diagnosis equipment: it can include automobile decoder, code reader, data flow analysis and special computer, etc., which are all the most important parts.        


Automobile maintenance and cleaning equipment: it will include automatic gearbox cleaning and oil change machine, power steering oil change machine, butter filling machine, refrigerant recovery and filling machine, oil nozzle cleaning and testing equipment, polishing machine, waxing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.       


Car surface sheet metal paint baking equipment: there will be paint baking room, paint baking lamp, paint mixing room, beam correction, ground gossip, spray gun, etc. With the highest peak use of paint equipment.


Automobile tire equipment: it will include balancing machine, tyre dismantling machine, nitrogen filling machine and tyre mending machine.       


Therefore, there are many kinds of classification forms of automobile teaching equipment, not only the above, but also more and more different kinds of equipment, which can be fully used in the automobile skills course part, and can contain a large number of equipment to supply, so we can learn more knowledge from Guangdong Zhongcai Education Equipment Co., Ltd., so as to reserve the teaching equipment in the training institutions to use more Integrity.