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Automotive sensor and actuator integrated training station

Jun 20, 2022

1. Adopt complete engine sensor and actuator components, use signal wheel of crankshaft sensor to simulate engine operation;

After the experimental plug wire is connected, the working process of the engine sensor, control unit and actuator (such as spark plug ignition, fuel injection, fuel pump operation process) can be demonstrated.

2. Install original vehicle engine control unit, combination instrument, fuel tank, oil pump, oil pump relay, fuse box, 4 nozzle, fuel injection tube, fuel injection measuring cup, movable platform, multiple sensors and actuators.

3. The surface of the demonstration board is painted with a color inkjet circuit diagram. Students can directly compare the circuit diagram with the sensor and actuator, and understand and analyze the working principle of the sensor and actuator system.

4. The display board is equipped with fuel tank, fuel quantity sensor, engine control unit, integrated instrument, oil pump relay, ignition switch, diagnostic seat, safety box, fuel injection nozzle and measuring cup, and the panel is equipped with detection terminal, which can directly detect the electrical signals of the circuit elements of the engine control system.

5. The detection terminal is installed on the sensor side of the device panel, which can directly connect the sensor and the actuator.

6. Simulate the signal of crankshaft position sensor to make fuel pump work, fuel injection nozzle spray, spark plug ignition.

7. The equipment is equipped with a diagnostic seat, which can be connected to a special or general automobile decoder to conduct ECU coding query, read fault codes, clear fault codes, read data streams, perform component testing, parameter setting, waveform analysis and other self-diagnosis functions on the engine control unit.

8. The panel of the equipment adopts 1.5mm cold plate stamping forming structure with beautiful appearance; The bottom frame is welded with steel structure, the surface is treated by spraying process, with self-locking caster device, and the base of the teaching board is equipped with a desktop about 40cm, which is convenient for placing data and light testing instruments.

9. The bottom frame of the equipment is welded with steel structure, and the surface is painted with self-locking caster device, which can move flexibly.

10. The equipment works with the ordinary 220V ac power supply, which is converted to 12V dc power through the internal circuit transformer rectifier, without the need for battery, to reduce the trouble of charging, 12V dc power supply has the function of preventing short circuit.