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Car start-up system teaching board

Nov 12, 2021

The teaching board of automobile starting system adopts automobile starting system as the basis to fully display the composition and working process of automobile starting system.

It is applicable to the teaching needs of automobile starting system theory and maintenance practice.

Functional features

1. Real and operational starting system, fully demonstrating the composition and structure of the vehicle starting system.

2. Operate the starting switch, work the starting motor, and truly demonstrate the working process of the car starting system. Through the ammeter and voltmeter on the panel, the change process of starting current and battery voltage during starting can be observed.

3. The panel is 4mm thick and corrosion-resistant, invask-resistant, pollution-resistant, fireproof and moisture-proof aluminum plastic plate, and the surface is treated with special process primer spraying; Panel printing has never faded color circuit diagram; Students can understand and analyze the working principle of automobile starting system by comparing the circuit diagram with the real object.

4. The starter assembly decomposition parts are installed on the surface of the demonstration board, so that the constituent structure of the starter can be intuitively understood.

5. The test terminal is installed on the surface of the demonstration board, which can directly detect the electrical signals of various circuit components of the vehicle starting system, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals, etc.

6. The surface of the teaching board is formed by 1.5mm cold plate stamping, with a beautiful appearance; The bottom frame is welded with steel structure, the surface is treated by spraying process, with self-locking caster device, and the base of the teaching board is equipped with a desktop about 40cm, which is convenient for placing data and light testing instruments.