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Automotive teaching equipment maintenance knowledge

Nov 12, 2021

The vehicle sensor is the input device of the computer system of the automobile teaching equipment. It converts the information of various operating conditions of the automobile, such as the speed, the temperature of various media and the operating conditions of the engine, into the telecommunication number and sends it to the computer, so that the engine is in the best working state. There are many sensors used in automobile teaching equipment. When judging the fault of the sensor, we should not only consider the sensor itself, but also consider the whole circuit of the fault. Therefore, in the search for fault, in addition to the sensor, the wiring harness, connectors and the relevant circuits between the sensor and the ECU should be checked. Let's take a look at the main sensors on the automotive teaching equipment.

Air flow sensor

The air flow sensor converts the inhaled air into an electrical signal and sends it to the electronic control unit (ECU) as one of the basic signals that determine fuel injection. According to different measuring principles, it can be divided into four types: rotary vane air flow sensor, Carmen vortex air flow sensor, hot-wire air flow sensor and hot-film air flow sensor. The former two are volume flow patterns, while the latter two are mass flow patterns. At present, hot-wire air flow sensor and hot-film air flow sensor are mainly used.

Intake pressure sensor

The intake pressure sensor can measure the absolute pressure in the intake manifold according to the load state of the engine, and convert it into electrical signal and speed signal, which are sent to the computer together, and serve as the basis to determine the basic fuel injection amount of the injector. At present, semiconductor piezoresistor type intake pressure sensor is widely used.