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Analysis of common faults in the real training platform of automobile engines

Nov 12, 2021

After the complete design of the teaching model of mechanical drawing, attention should be paid to the operation, especially the following points:

Prevent the oil in the training platform of automobile engine from mixing with air. The oil in the training platform of automobile engine is incompressible. However, the air is highly compressible. The air dissolved in the oil, when the pressure is low, will escape from the oil to produce bubbles, forming cavitation phenomenon; At high pressure, these bubbles are quickly crushed under the impact of the pressure, and compress rapidly, causing noise to the system. At the same time, when the gas is suddenly compressed, a large amount of heat will be released, resulting in local heating, equipment components and gasoline damaged, unstable work, sometimes cause a shock vibration. Therefore, air must be prevented from entering the engine training platform. Specific measures: one is to avoid tubing rupture, loose joint, seal damage; Second, when refueling, avoid improper dumping; Three is the return tubing inserted below the oil surface; The fourth is to avoid the automobile engine training platform inlet filter block to increase the oil absorption resistance, can not be dissolved in the oil air separation.

Prevent the gasoline temperature in the training platform of automobile engine to be too high, the working temperature of the oil in the training platform system is generally better in the range of 30℃~80℃, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent the oil temperature from being too high when using. If the oil level in the tank is not enough, the gasoline cooler heat dissipation performance is poor, the system efficiency is too low, the component capacity is small, the flow rate is too high, the selection of oil viscosity is not correct, they will make the oil temperature rise too fast. High viscosity increases the energy loss when oil flows, while low viscosity increases leakage, so pay attention to and check for these problems in use to prevent excessive oil temperature. In addition, regular filtration of gasoline, regular physical performance inspection, not only to ensure the performance of the training platform system, but also to reduce wear and corrosion of equipment components, extend the service life of oil and equipment components.

To ensure the cleanness of gasoline in the training platform of automobile engine, the calibrated and required gasoline and its corresponding substitutes should be used correctly to prevent the invasion of dirt and impurities in gasoline. Because in the transmission system, gasoline is not only the working medium, but also the lubricant, so the cleanliness of the oil on the system performance, the reliability of components, safety, efficiency and service life has a great impact. The fitting precision of equipment components is extremely high, which is more sensitive to the deposition, blockage, scratch and corrosion caused by dirt and impurities in the oil. The main reason that causes dirt and impurity to invade gasoline is that the outside of the actuator is not clean. Second, do not pay attention to check the amount of oil; Third, 120 mesh filter is not used when refueling; The containers and utensils used are unclean; Fifth, the sealing parts with serious wear and damage cannot be replaced in time; Six is the inspection repair, hot bend pipe and joint welding repair produced by the rust skin impurities clean not clean; Seven is improper oil storage and so on. In the course of using inspection and repair, attention should be paid to solve these problems, in order to reduce and prevent the occurrence of engine training platform system failure.