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The advantages and disadvantages of the physical teaching aids of automobiles

Nov 12, 2021

The advantages of material teaching AIDS

1. Emotional, real in appearance and structure. What you see is what you get.

2. It is closely related to the model. Because the parts manufacturers of each kind of car are different, the teaching AIDS are also different.

The shortcomings of material teaching AIDS

1. Not suitable for maintenance

With physical assembly, connection, running, each manufacturer process mostly manual, process and personnel quality not as good as real car production line, coupled with the physical teaching aid in parts of various kinds to be artificially set fault in AIDS (for teaching), once the physical teaching AIDS really have a fault, for users in a short period of time is effect on teaching.

2. The principle and system are not strong

Most physical teaching AIDS are a few mechanical parts, and it is connected to the necessary electrical appliances, constitute a teaching AIDS. Such teaching AIDS are difficult to explain the principles due to their own composition, and the related system is not fully described. The current automobile maintenance training, not only to have the actual hands-on ability, but also to have the ability to analyze the fault of the automobile electronic control system, the training of the ability of the original, systematic analysis is not physical teaching AIDS.

3. Not environmental protection, not energy saving: the power of physical teaching AIDS mostly USES several to dozens of kilowatts of motor or fuel, often accompanied by noise.

4. Higher cost: the price is higher because you have to use real car parts. Future maintenance costs are also high.

Foreign teaching AIDS mostly use simulation teaching AIDS as the main, physical teaching AIDS as a supplement to the form, the principle and the system of relevance to explain, print them into the brain, and then contact with the physical, to improve perceptual knowledge. Therefore, with the promotion of mature teaching ideas in foreign countries, there will be more and more demand for automobile simulation teaching AIDS in China.