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Principle of ECU modification of engine of automobile teaching equipment

Nov 12, 2021

In fact, we have learned that simply teaching equipment for automotive engine control system is composed of three parts, namely the sensors, the central control unit ECU and actuators, theoretically as long as the three systems are in normal work, the engine can run properly (and other hardware is normal, but work is only the minimum requirements of internal combustion engine work.

Despite the engine displacement, the strength of parts and components, precision, into the exhaust system, ignition, fuel supply system, the performance of the cooling system components, single for ECU program setting, ECU program of the original model set of concerns to vehicle exhaust emission performance, fuel economy, the problem such as durability, even concerned about whether is suitable for urban road (power output characteristic) emphasize low torque output.

Original computer will differ according to engine load and speed, set a fuel injection and ignition parameters of the most stable and will not make the combustion temperature is too high, will not make the mixture too thick or too thin, at the same time, considering the different parts of the fuel oil quality difference (ignition timing control conservative, but since it is widely used, so the set must be more conservative.) By changing the ECU program to more accurately control fuel injection, ignition timing, etc., the combustion efficiency or dynamic performance of the engine can be improved. Or both.