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Maintenance of bearing of engine training platform

Nov 12, 2021

The bearing of automobile engine training platform is very important in automobile. The use and maintenance of the bearing indicates that the serious overload of the rated load range of the vehicle will directly lead to the early failure of the bearing. In order to prevent the bearing from abnormal impact load, it is necessary to regularly check the use state of the bearing, pay attention to observe whether the bearing part is abnormal sound, local sharp temperature rise phenomenon, and require regular quantitative.

Liquid hydrostatic bearing commonly used shaft housing with shaft automobile engine training platform bearing maintenance methods are: the vehicle should work within the rated load range, if serious overload will directly lead to bearing overload, will make the bearing early failure, more serious is to cause vehicle failure and personal safety accidents; Bearing shall not be subjected to abnormal impact load; Regularly check the use status of the bearings of the electric training platform of the whole vehicle, and pay attention to observe whether there is abnormal sound and local sharp temperature rise of the bearing parts; Fill lubricating oil or grease regularly and quantitatively as required; According to the use of the vehicle, at least every half a year to completely replace the lubricating oil, and carefully check the bearing; Bearing maintenance state inspection: the removal of the bearing with kerosene or clean gasoline, observe carefully if there is a sliding or bearing inner and outer cylinder creep phenomenon, inner and outer race of bearing surface spalling, pitting, rolling element and cage for wear and deformation, etc., according to the comprehensive situation of bearing inspection, to determine whether a bearing can continue to use.