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What car teaching equipment contains?

Nov 12, 2021

Automobile teaching experiment table has: electronic control engine multimedia comprehensive experiment table; Integrated experimental platform of automatic transmission based on Internet of things; DSG transmission transmission principle multimedia test bench; Multi-media integrated test bench for ABS brake system; Electronic control suspension system multimedia integrated test platform; Automobile automatic air conditioning system multimedia test bench; Automobile sensor actuator multimedia integrated test bench; Multi-media integrated test platform for whole vehicle electrical circuit; Engine transmission abs comprehensive test platform and other automotive teaching test platform.

Vehicle power system fault simulation test bench; Automobile electric control electrical system fault simulation test bed; Corolla electric control engine test bench; Engine electronic control system test, diagnosis and assessment test bench; Comprehensive test bench for Honda engine transmission; Comprehensive test bench for Toyota engine transmission; Passat 1.8t electric controlled engine test bench.

Automobile teaching and training equipment includes automatic transmission measurement and control teaching system, automobile CVT transmission test system, engine power measurement and control teaching system, fault master of automobile electronic control system, electronic control fault simulation system of automobile power plant, can-bus, lin-bus body network teaching system.

There are also dynamic anatomy operating platform of automobile power and rotation system, dynamic anatomy operating platform of automobile power and chassis system, gasoline engine disassembly operating platform, dynamic anatomy operating platform of engine, hydraulic braking system display disassembly platform, pneumatic braking system display disassembly platform and other automobile teaching and training equipment

Automotive teaching board has a central control anti-theft, electric rearview mirror, electric window teaching board, exhaust emission system simulation teaching board, electronic fuel injection system sensor actuator teaching board, engine fuel injection system teaching board, gasoline engine lubrication system teaching board, gasoline engine cooling system teaching board.

And automotive lighting system teaching board, the charging system teaching board, automobile instrument and signal system teaching board, auto starting system teaching board, charging starting system teaching board, automobile ignition system comprehensive teaching board, BOSH high pressure common rail fuel system teaching board public Tsi direct injection (gdi) electronic control fuel teaching board teaching such as teaching board.

In fact, there are a lot of car teaching equipment type of car teaching equipment, small make up not one introduction, interested people can consult by phone.