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Safety matters to be aware of in the use of the car training station

Nov 12, 2021

What are the details to pay attention to when using the training platform?

● please read this manual carefully before using the equipment for proper operation.

● when the equipment is not fixed, it is strictly prohibited to start the test run.

● when the equipment is damaged, please check it by a professional before using it.

● do not pull and twist the accessories of the platform equipment, do not use external forces to interfere with the parts in operation.

● do not touch the hot part of the equipment, do not touch the running parts of the equipment.

● do not connect the power plug without using the equipment room.

● do not allow rapid acceleration and high load full speed long time operation, do not allow overload operation, otherwise easy to damage the engine, affect the service life of the machine.

● hydraulic oil is flammable, volatile, corrosive liquid, no fireworks in the process of operation, to prevent sticking to the skin or splash into the eye.

● the equipment should be placed in a room without direct sunlight and well-ventilated, and the sign "no fireworks" and "inflammable and explosive dangerous warning" should be posted.

● to prevent electric shock, do not operate the equipment in the rain in a humid environment.

● when the equipment is found to have overheating, abnormal sound, should be timely inspection, if not solved, need to be checked by professional personnel before use, so as not to cause serious failure.

● the operator's hair, clothing, fingers or other parts of the body should be kept away from where the device is operating.