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Reasons for overheating in car engines

Nov 12, 2021

Automobile teaching equipment manufacturers introduced the cause of automobile engine overheating

Car will actually heatstroke and vehicle heatstroke not only exists in the summer, other season will exist, the driving time is too long, or traffic jam, cars can occur in a heat stroke, heatstroke is the meaning of automotive engine overheating, if that happens, we must first check the thermostat block is normally open, general mechanical fault impact caused by the incomplete because of the cooling system design, after updating the thermostat temperature coefficient will change, this is also one of the cause of the failure.

Have also check that the coolant leaks, if the breakage is because of the cooling pipe, can cause the coolant leak, coolant leak will cause uneven cooling and can also lead to car can't normal operation and, at this time of change with the new pipe can solve this problem well, changing the pipe at the same time, we also notice the lid of the radiator under pressure is the same, such as vacuum deaeration machine spring have a loose, exhaust pipe fault can also lead to car engine overheating, the last one is to check the water pump, after using for a long time, the pump will be highly wear and spare parts will fall off, In the engine overheating phenomenon, the most to replace a new pump, to solve the problem!