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New energy vehicle training equipment teaches you to test and repair the problem of electric spray engine in your car

Nov 12, 2021

Practical training equipment for new energy vehicles teaches you to detect and repair problems of electric injection engine of cars:

The timing of ejection on the car presents such and such problems, common ejection engine fault cause and fault repair.

1. Trouble reason

1) the sensor part, air flow sensor, throttle bearing sensor, coolant temperature sensor, rotating speed or crankshaft bearing sensor are defective.

2) actuator: if the incinerator controller, electric gasoline pump or cold-start fuel injector do not work, the fuel injector has severe oil leakage.

3) other parts: no oil in the oil tank, too low oil pressure, power supply or incineration system fault, air filter obstruction or severe air leakage in the intake pipe, too low cylinder pressure of the engine or security system lock, poor output signal of the neutral starting switch, computer damage. 4) fault signal output of the neutral start switch of the active transmission of high-grade cars or trigger and lock of the anti-theft system of the initiator.

2. Fault maintenance

1) check the connection, voltage and electrolyte density of the battery.

2) check the oil road. Connect the oil pressure meter to the pipeline between the gasoline filter and the oil pressure regulator, turn over the burning switch, investigate whether the oil pump operation; If not operating, should check the fuse, oil pump, oil pump relay operation quality; If the operation, then investigate the oil pressure situation, if there is no oil pressure or insufficient oil pressure, it indicates that there is no oil in the tank or the oil road is blocked, should check the oil volume, gasoline filter, oil pressure regulator and other operating parts skills.

3) check the burning part: unplug the high voltage wire from the distributor cover (if there is no distributor, unplug the splitter wire connector of each spark plug directly), make the end of the high voltage wire 5~6mm away from the lapping iron of the cylinder body, open the burning about the starting position and shake the crankshaft, and investigate whether there is a fierce blue spark at the end of the high voltage wire. If there is no or very weak, should check the high voltage wire, burning controller, high voltage coil, distributor, crankshaft bearing sensor and other components; If there is a high pressure fire, use the same "hanging fire" method to check the cylinder line work, check the burning timing, starting fuel injector timing switch.

4) check the vehicle sensor: connect the socket hole for diagnosis of car fault with wire or connect it with the socket for diagnosis of car fault; Set the ignition switch to the "ON" position to investigate the flashing rule of the fault indicator light (different car manufacturers do not have the same method for the self-diagnosis test of the fault) to read the fault code. According to the defect code, refer to the defect specification, can be for the corresponding components for testing, diagnosis, search and remove the fault (fault cleaning should be eliminated code).

5) check the actuator: check whether spark plug and fuel injector work well. Its maintenance method is: take off the oil-flooded spark plug for cleaning or burning on the fire (oil-flooded spark plug repeatedly opened the ignition switch or throttle pedal before starting the launch machine in order to increase oil supply and cold start fuel injector formation); If the spark plug is outstanding, then check the two terminals of the injector, switch on the ignition switch, start the initiator, observe the stroboscopic phenomenon of the diode, if there is no stroboscopic, check whether the connection between the injector and the power supply, computer is outstanding, whether the resistance value of the injector conforms to the standard value. In addition, the fuel line should be checked for leakage and deformation, fuse, oil transfer pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and open circuit relay and other operations.

6) check the auxiliary air valve: if the auxiliary air valve is not good, check the coolant hose, air hose and cylinder tightening pressure. If the cylinder compression pressure is lower than the specified value. It indicates that there is a leak in the engine, and the engine should be dismantled and cleaned.

7) check the electronic control loop of the electronic fuel system with the multimeter: check the wiring connection; Power to ECU, check fuses, fuses and main relays; Check vacuum sensor, coolant temperature sensor, air flow sensor, ejection signal loop (check ECU and ejector wiring).

8) check whether there is vacuum leakage in the air inlet road, check the filter cover, oil level, hose connection, PCV hose and EGR valve and keep them open.

The current ejection engine has a temperature compensation control system, which can be satisfied with the normal progress of the vehicle in the state of cold car. If electric injection engine is chosen to use long-term preheating, fuel consumption will only be added virtually. The car should be heated up in situ after starting, waiting for the water temperature to reach the starting temperature before starting.

According to the above analysis, we through the car engine training equipment intuitive analysis, start to deal with the engine running problems:

Ⅰ. overview

It can meet the requirements of the whole process such as commissioning, running and testing of the electronic control engine. Through commissioning, running and testing, the operating principle of the control system can be demonstrated. Through the intelligent fault setting and testing to make the teacher more useful to achieve the function of education. More vividly satisfied with the educational operational needs of students' practice. The equipment is composed of two parts: the original vehicle electrically controlled gasoline engine assembly and the fixed platform of running accessories and the platform of running detection control panel. The engine can be started, accelerated, decelerated and other normal working conditions of the practice operation, it really shows the electronic control gasoline engine structure and operation process. It is applicable to the education needs of vocational colleges, general education colleges and training organizations for car engine and repair training.

Ⅱ. Function features:

1. The electronic control gasoline engine that is truly operational can fully display the composition and operation process of the electronic control gasoline engine, and the engine can be operated in normal conditions such as starting, speeding up and slowing down.

2. The training platform consists of two parts: the starter assembly and the fixed platform of the running accessories and the platform of the running test control panel.

3. The panel of the training platform is painted with colorful UV plate inkjet circuit diagram. Students can directly compare the circuit diagram and the initiator to know and analyze the operating principle of the control system. The panel adopts 4mm thick corrosion-resistant, invication-resistant, pollution-resistant, fireproof and moisture-proof high-grade aluminum-plastic board, and the surface is treated with special process primer. Panel printing has never faded colorful system circuit diagram.

4. There are detection terminals on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of sensors, actuators and pins of the control unit of the initiator, such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency signals.

5. There is a 20cm steel table on the base directly in front of the equipment test panel, which is convenient to place materials and test instruments.

6. The equipment on the panel of the training platform includes the appearance of the car, fuel pressure gauge and vacuum pressure gauge, which can display the change of the engine speed and other parameters in real time;

7. The equipment of the training platform has a diagnosis seat, which can connect with special or general car decoder, and perform self-diagnosis functions such as reading fault codes, rooting out fault codes and reading data streams for the initiating electromechanical control system.

8. The training platform is equipped with main power switch and protective equipment.

9. The base of the training platform shall be welded with steel structure, the front/both sides shall be welded with round hand guard, the surface shall be sprayed with spraying technology, with self-locking caster equipment, flexible movement, safe, reliable and durable.

Ⅲ. skill standard

Operating power: dc 12V(battery: 60AH 12V)

Fuel oil label: according to the original model number

2.5l buick starter training platform (2.5l /V6(LB8))

Tank capacity: 10L

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +50℃

Color: 7032

Steel pipe: 40 * 40 * 3 mm

Panel cabinet: 1.5mm cold plate is formed by stamping, and a repair door is arranged on the reverse side.

Movement caster: 120*80mm