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Functional features of automotive training equipment

Nov 12, 2021

Functional features

This board takes Volkswagen's new ac engine as the prototype, which is representative to some extent. Clearly reflect the inner structure and the circuit of generator, of which the upper part of the teaching board, the collapse of the original, decorate the generator for charging system principle diagram and the lower part, and installed to the normal operation of the generator, fast and integration of the generator terminals in teaching with county out external board schematic diagram of the terminal, under the drive of the motor, really reflect the working condition of automobile generator, detection data. Movable universal wheel frame is easy to move.

Teaching objectives

New energy vehicle training equipment is mainly for teaching and experimental purposes. Through the learning of the guidance board, students can master the structure, principle and disassembly of automobile parts. Automobile fault diagnosis, detection and troubleshooting. The teaching board can be used to directly understand the composition of the automobile system, the shape and installation position of each part, cultivate students' understanding of the automobile, meet the practical teaching needs of automobile structure, working principle, fault setting and diagnosis, combine the experimental teaching and operation training organically, and strengthen students' practical ability.

Practical training equipment for new energy vehicles adopts real automobile parts to show the structure and principle of automobile parts. Complete circuit diagram of automobile parts is drawn on the panel, and detection terminal is set. Various signal parameters such as voltage, resistance and frequency can be detected by instruments. The teaching board is fully functional, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Through hands-on learning can firmly grasp the commonly used automobile assembly, the main parts of the role, classification, structure and working principle; Master the supporting, positioning, lubrication, sealing, adjusting position and mutual assembly relation of each assembly and parts; Understand the new structure and working principle of advanced vehicle.

The course of automobile electrical equipment is an important link to train students to master the theory of automobile electrical equipment and strengthen their ability of operation. Timely reform of teaching methods, curriculum assessment methods, teaching management model, and teacher structure; Research and develop school-based teaching materials, update teaching content, and strive to improve the quality of teaching. Train students to learn to know, learn to do things, learn to live together, learn to survive, in order to adapt to the new era of automobile industry demand for high-quality talents.