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The purpose of training equipment for new energy vehicles

Nov 12, 2021

What is the training project of new energy vehicle training equipment

1. Knowledge and principle analysis of compressor motor startup and protection components

2. Understanding and principle analysis of temperature control and temperature controller components

3. Understanding and principle analysis of defrosting and defrosting control components

4. Understanding and principle analysis of fan and lighting circuit components

5. Typical circuit analysis of refrigerator

6. Major electrical fault analysis of refrigerators

7. Knowledge and performance test of electric circuit components of refrigerators

8. Wiring and measurement of the electrical control circuit of the refrigerator

9. Wiring and fault test of electric control line of room cooling refrigerator jydp-1 electric control line training box of refrigerator 1180 yuan/set, excluding freight, installation fee and tax

It provides the practical industrial electrical appliances of the composite (single-door direct-cooling type, double-door direct-cooling type and double-door inter-cooling type) refrigerator electrical control line, with intuitive image, good reliability and long service life. It can connect the line by itself and set the fault point arbitrarily. Engine test bench is widely used for classroom demonstration, experiment and practice of related courses, and provides good equipment for practical training of appliance maintenance personnel.