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New energy vehicle charging management system training station

Nov 12, 2021

Overview of training platform for new energy vehicle charging management system:

The training platform of the charging management system adopts the Internet of things technology and the charging management of new energy vehicles to complete the human-computer interaction process, the charging charging process of card charging, complete the charging interaction with BMS and send the charging demand to the charging machine, control the charging state of the charging machine and collect the operating data of the charging machine. It can realize remote GPS basic positioning and charging pile basic parameter monitoring. The intelligent charging system, BMS management system and remote charging management system are fully demonstrated.

New energy vehicle charging management system training platform system composition

The equipment consists of a charging pile test platform, a backstage management and a remote monitoring and control platform, including BMS battery management system, power supply system, charging equipment and monitoring system

1. The main control screen of the charging pile test platform and the test platform are designed as an iron double-layer matte dense plastic-spraying structure. The main control screen is the connection diagram of the aluminum-plastic plate spraying system.

2. BMS battery management system includes: 1 wireless monitoring management tablet computer and 1 set of BMS master controller;

Dynamic monitoring of battery voltage, dynamic estimation of battery pack capacity, dynamic monitoring of battery pack temperature, dynamic display of all battery pack information, real-time key processing, dynamic monitoring of total loop current, real-time charging control, etc.

3. The power supply system is mainly composed of primary equipment (including switch, transformer and circuit, etc.) and secondary equipment (including detection, protection and control device, etc.), which is specially equipped with active filter device to eliminate harmonics and stabilize the power grid;

4. Charging equipment mainly consists of charging gun and charging detection equipment

5. Charging server: provide cloud platform and save all charging information uploaded by the user-controlled terminal server; Account management, user login Settings, user name Settings and changes, password Settings and changes

Remotely view all kinds of power information of online charging devices, including current power, historical power, current charging time, historical charging time, all charging information details and historical data analysis.

Includes the following functions: 1) system status SMS alarm; 2) system status mailbox status alarm; 3) system WeChat alarm; 4) remotely open and close the device; 5) display of remote real-time charging information; 6) remote charging information monitoring; 7) remote charging status alarm and monitoring; 8) remote device login code; 9) password setting

6. User control terminal server: used for background management of charging equipment, modify various control modes of the equipment, check the status of all charging equipment and modify various functions. Equipment through the server and Internet connection, upload and save all charging information; Account management, user login Settings, user name Settings and changes, password Settings and changes;

Print data, connect to the printer, can be real-time print charging system is a variety of data information, charging curve, and so on.

Charging information display, display charging management system of various information.

Historical power inquiry, WeChat attention, card recharge, user information registration, etc

7. The client of charging pile adopts 7-inch touch screen, and the charging mode includes amount mode, power mode, time mode and full mode. The main menu includes communication status, connection status of charging gun, administrator, version information and operation instructions; The main interface contains operation indication, charging indication, fault indication, charging voltage, charging current, charging time, remaining time, consumption amount, current electricity price, card balance, start charging button, end charging button and charging mode indication.

8. The upper part of the training platform is a testing panel, the middle part is two drawers, and the lower part is a cabinet, which is used for the installation of accessories required by the equipment.

9. The monitoring platform is double computer display screen, double console, independent rear cabinet, one host for each cabinet.

10. Mobile terminal equipment (self-provided) : choose android smart phone or tablet computer; 1) mobile app data query of charging pile status 2) charging pile historical data query 3) charging pile data analysis and statistics 4) charging pile SMS alarm 5) charging pile WeChat alarm 6) charging pile reverse control 7) secondary development