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How do I maintain the paint of my car when I buy a new car?

Nov 12, 2021

Car paint is similar to the skin of the human body, and the working environment of car paint is usually harsh. In winter, it must endure ice and snow, and in the summer, it must be blazing in the sun. It also has acid rain, resin, and other corrosive liquids. Still very necessary!

The most important thing for painting maintenance is car washing! Don't underestimate the impact of car washing on paint. Good car washing methods can greatly protect the gloss of the paint! Good car washing shampoos for car washing spots should be neutral. There are no acid and alkali, some 5 and 10 car wash spots must not go. Most of these places in the car training room equipment use strong alkaline detergent, even washing powder, although it can clean the car. However, over a long period of time, the paint surface will become as dull as a taxi. This effect is like the poison of opium to people, and it is slowly affected! The owner of the car cannot feel it at once!

Secondly, some proprietary paint maintenance products must also be used! The usual curing methods include waxing, glaze sealing, coating, etc. Different methods have different prices, different durations, and different effects! Car training equipment but a little It's very important. Paint maintenance and skin maintenance are truth. This is a continuous work. Don't expect that once or twice maintenance can bring essential changes! Many car owners may not feel obvious at first, but insist on maintenance Compared with the non-maintenance vehicles in the same period, the difference in glossiness was obviously felt.