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Car repair basics

Nov 12, 2021

1. Check the vehicle's moisture-prone parts: such as distributors, spark plugs, high-voltage wires, etc. If these parts are wet, you can dry them before starting. If the engine parts hidden in the cover get wet, you can only find a professional auto repair company such as Chefafa for maintenance.

2. Check the vulnerable parts of the car: such as spark plugs, if the spark plugs are damaged, you can only replace them with new ones.

3. Check the power storage equipment started by the car: The current car uses a starter motor to start the battery. The core of this method is the battery. Lighting, wipers, wipers, audio, etc. on the car will consume the battery's power, resulting in insufficient battery voltage. If it is a voltage problem, you can try dragging with the car, then put the car in the second gear, use the clutch to drive to a certain speed, release the clutch, and then try to start the engine, if it still can not start, it is a battery problem.